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Yum! What's Your menu for the 4th?

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I was hoping to get away with sandwitches and beer, but that didn't work. Delivered a whole BBQed brisket to the daughter's work for a party yesterday. Only got to taste it. She said that everyone licked their plates.
Still had to go out to eat cause they left nothing.

So today, I was back at the BBQ pit. This time the wife wanted baby back pork ribs. Also had chicken, hill country sausage, and tortillas on the grill. Arroz & frijoes (Mexrice & beans) and fruit salad.

The ribs had a nice rub on them made of brown sugar, comino, salt, pepper and and so much butter, it would put a smile on Paula Deen's face. Just had to share.

Sitting around outside cause it was only 95 or so today. Drinking a Shiner Bock. Wishing the pool was full, but have one circulation pump down and the cost of electriceity to run the pumps has been killing us for the last couple of years. Anyway, no one around to use it.

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Not much going on here. Think I'll go shoot some in the backyard. The neighbors in the next field were shooting earlier. Hopefully no fireworks. too much dry dgrass now.
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