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XD, Tacticool .40 cal, new to me

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Never had an XD cause I am too cheap to pay for a new one or good used one. However this one turned up right at the gunshow this weekend.

When the show is slow, i go hand around the new gu, High volume dealer tables. Good way to snag a trade=in for cash. Some guy was trying to swap this gun on a compact mdel of some sort. He wanted 3 for it, but the dealer would only give him 2. I just waited a while till the guy got kinda upset. Dealer told him to go sell it off and bring the 3 cash or swap it for 2. The guy said he was in a hurry. When opportunity knocks, snag it. I whipped out 3 fresh C notes and waved them in his face before he went far. We all got what we wanted, sorta.

Not sure what it is. It is a full size gun with a near 5" barrel. .40 cal. had a tacticool light on it, 2 mags,, and some mileage. Real solid though. Guy sait was an XD Tacticool model I don't know. Got it cheap enough, I think.

It went bang out my back door, but I have not shot it on a target yet.

And yes, the fugly light just had to come off. I ain't much of a Tacticool guy.
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Tinally got around to firing this gun at a target. All I had handy for ammo was some 180 gr. CCI Blazer FMJs. Didn't want to blow too much ammo, so I only loaded 10 rounds. Did this target slow fire to gauge the sights. Gum appears to fire right at my POA at combat range. That was o.k. It has 3 dot sights. It seems to have a better trigger than the G23 I got on the same weekend. Of course the gun has more mileage than the G23, so it may just be more "broken in." Or could be that someone stuck a spring kit in it.

Gun functioned perfectly well for the test. Wish Ihad more ammo to really wring it out. Put 7 on the target and popped off a few at some soda can targets. I was satisfied with it's performance.

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Glad you like it. I was thinking of getting one and settled on an M&P9. 300 bucks ? Wow.
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