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WTB: Bersa 223 DA Magazines

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I am in need of a magazine/s for my pistol. I've tried condors and Bersa/ with no success. I appreciate any help that you can give me.
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welcome to the Bersa Forum.

Will Thunder 22 mags work in the 223?

If so heres some
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum mgysgt6 !!
Good to know there's another 223 DA owner. Welcome to Bersa Forum.

Have you tried I think they're selling a 223 DA unit that comes with 3 magazines. Try to inquire if they will sell those extra mags.
WTB Bersa 223 DA mag

thank you for the info. I'll try GunsAmerica. I like the way the gun handles and even my wife can do some plinking with it.
Love my 223 and 226, but they use different mags. I too would like to purchase extra but have not found any. Interesting in that I think my mag from a Beretta mod 76[Jaguar] if modified would fit.
Bersa Mag

I tried GunsAmerica with no success. I've got one of the local gunsmiths checking their parts people. Here's hoping.
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