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Winchester Firearms Thread

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Dedicated to the Firearms of Winchester...this thread can be used to discuss and share pictures of this firearms legend.

The Winchester Model 1894 was the first commercial repeating rifle built to be used with smokeless powder. The 1894 was originally chambered to fire 2 metallic black powder cartidges, the .32-40 Winchester and .38-55 Winchester. In 1895 Winchester went to a different steel composition for rifle manufacturing that could handle higher pressure rounds and offered the rifle in .25-35 Winchester and .30-30 Winchester. The .30-30 Winchester, or .30WCF (Winchester Centerfire), is the cartridge that has become synonymous with the Model 1894.

Pictured above is my Winchester 1894 lever action carbine chambered for the .30WCF cartridge. She was manufactured in 1977 and is a top eject model. I've taken more whitetail with this carbine in the mountains and fields of Pennsylvania then with all my other hunting rifles combined...with just iron sights.
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Nice rifle. I use to pack the 94 quite a bit when I could still see the irons on it. It was alot easier to carry around than the bolt guns when we were mending fences at our other rancho. After I got to blind to shoot with irons, I started using the Marlin lever guns. They are heavier, but much easier to mount a scope on them.

Here is a Winch. Model 70 Featherweight in 7mm-08. It is the one in the front. Easy shooting, low recoil caliber. Plenty of power with 130 gr. bullets. It has a 3X9X40 Weaver on it. It is a USRA gun with a controlled feed action. It has only been fired 3 times to zero it. Still spotless. My dad left it for my son when he was old enough to shoot. My son isn't all that much into guns. He is 31 now and has not fired it yet. Still mine I guess.

The other one on top is my old Ruger Mod 77 of mid 70s vintage. Have used it on deer and javelina. Has a 3X9X32 Bushnell on it.!
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Both rifles are quite nice PV...thanks for sharing !

A pair of .44s.
My Winchester 1894 Wrangler .44 magnum with my Ruger Vaquero .44 magnum SA revolver.
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Very nice you shoot Cowboy Action ?!
I'm mainly just a big fan of western movies, although I like the idea of theCowboy Action Shooting, I'm not involved with it nor do I know anyone aroundhere who is. It looks like a lot of fun, though I'm not competitive enough tocare who is faster or slower than I am. either !
My 30/30 and gear. It's gotta have the ring on it ya know. AHH, the good old dayz
Nice pics hobbles !!

What happened to the two horses...
Mornin SHOOTER13.
Those two passed on, here's my new two. The one I'm ridin I brought from Ca. with me. I don't go packin or campin like I used to, gettin older I guess.
Mornin SHOOTER13.
Those two passed on, here's my new two. The one I'm ridin I brought from Ca. with me. I don't go packin or campin like I used to, gettin older I guess.
What type of horse are they...

How many hands high ?
I was feeling kinda bummed out on Sunday at the gunshow. Not as much stuff was coming in the door as on Sat. So I started walking the ailes looking for stuff in backpacks and gunbags. Hadn't done much all morining except sell rubber band guns to the kiddies.

Followed one guy around the first aisle with a like new looking Winchester Model 670 rifle. It had a 4X on it. He had let several guys look at it and was stuck on 3 bills on it. Everybody including the dealers kept handing it back. Followed another guy with a Marlin Mod 60 for a while and let the Winchester guy wander some more. The guy with the Marlin wanted a bill and a quarter for the Mod 60 and it was almost perfect. After starting soen the second row, I guess he got frustrated and started asking a bill for it. So I asked about it. He needed money for textbooks/college. I offered 80 bucks and he took it. Good enough. Took off to my table with it to oil it up. As I walked up to my table, the guys next to me were lookng at the Wincester Mod 670 I had looked at before. The guy still wanted 3 bills for it and they offered 225. He hung around for a while, but left cause the guys at the table next to me asked to see the Marlin I had bought. They really liked the Marlin and let the other guy go. Settled with them on the Marlin for double what I gave for it. Worked for me and I went after the Winchester now with more $.

Followed the guy some more as he started going down the first aisle again. He was now asking 275 for the Winchester .243. I finally stepped up and offered him 240 for the gun. He asked his son, "well, it's your gun?" Son said 250. Snagged it for that. Good enough for me. That one at least made it home. Had to see what it would do.

Checke dthe gun our when I got home. Bore was perfect and little if any wear. Old man and the kid said they had hunted with it, but never killed anything. They had hardly shot it much. It looked that way. The Mod 670 appears to be a Mod 70 without as much flash. The stock is hardwood instead of walnut and checkering is pressed and not handcut. Gun does have a cheekpiece on the buttstock. Bue is nice, but not as nice as the Mod 70. Scope base and rings are acombo, looks like a Redfield setup. Scope is a Bushnell 4X, good, but nothing fancy. And one of my favorite cals, .243 Winchester.

Already have some handloads that seem to sing in just about every .243 I have fired them in. Range report probably later today. Well, I hope I get to shoot it. Told another collector about it and he wants to come check it out for his son. Said something about a nice Remmy 760 pump rifle in .30-06 and and old Mauser Sporter in the same cal. that he had no use for. Might be looking at those today or tomorrow.

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Nice score PV...!!
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