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Wincester Model 63 and Winchester 190, .22 autos

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Just a couple of .22s I aquired during the holidays. the Winchester 63, takedown model was bought a gunshow off a guy that came in selling it and a Hungarian MKII, FEG .380. I stopped the guy on his way to get an estimated value on the Winch. 63. It looked like it had been in a truck gun rack for years. He said it had been his dad's gun and it worked fine. The .380 he had bought new and had a box of ammo with it and a zipper bag. I just couldn't let him get to the guy giving the esttimate cause Iknow his would tell him the book value and then not buy it. I asked for a bottom line on both. His son said they just needed some Xmas shopping money, so 3 bills for both. I wanted to jump on it, but offered 250 for both,s Settled for 275. Either gun alone would probably bring that much with the 63, probably more.

The Winchester was complete except for one forend scew. Finish was a bit blue worn,s ome surface rust, lotta small dings and dents all over. Gun fed Fed and Remmy bulk packs stuff like crap through a goose. Had a buddy look it up in his Fejestad's blue books. At @ 50% at 4 bills. I decided I was keeping this one as I always wanted one. This one may be last year of production cause it has a grooved receiver for a tip off type scope. Not many made like that according to the book, pushed the value up anohter 15% according to the book.

The gun in original fugly form and then with a good cleanup.

The other Winchester 190 in .22 S,L.LR was the F in laws. No one came for it at Xmas when the family was shere. So I guess it is mnine for now. It actually markeed Sears and Roebuck and in near perfect shape.
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