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Will Crimson Trace laser grips fit thunder plus?

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Will they fit Thunder Plus
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The official instruction says NO, it won't fit the BT380P, but I would really, really like to know if anyone's tried anyway and what the results were, and especially if anyone's gone to the trouble of modifying a set of lasergrips to fit the Plus model. Thanks.
Will they fit Thunder Plus
The answer is NO !!! The C/T laser is for the Bersa Thun.380 single stack.
The Bersa 380 Plus is a double stack.Too Wide.Hope that helps.
I actually just read in another forum that a guy modified his grips to fit a Plus version. The problem is that he didn't leave any details, and I couldn't message him to find out. So apparently it IS possible, but only modified; NOT from the factory.
You can read a lot of things on the internet.Unless you actually see it with your own eyes,don't believe it.Grips on the plus are too wide.!!!
Don't believe that someone made their single stack wrap around work on a Plus model.

First, the frame is way too wide.

Second, the Plus grip panel is held on the frame by two screws and the single stack models use one screw.

BUT!!! Don't fret, word from our team says that they are supposed to be developing a set for the Plus model. The success of the Single Stack, and now the CC model laser grips have pushed for the Plus model pistols to become part of the offerings.

So, it moves slow, sometimes VERY SLOW, but it will happen.
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C.G.W.G.,Thanks for the info.
Because of the manner in which it was mentioned, I do believe him; it was only brought up in passing because he was offering it up for trade and said that he'd modified the laser grips to fit, so he wanted them to stay with the gun.

But anyway, factory lasergrips for the plus would be even better, so that's cool :D
Crimson trace for plus

Email and have everyone you know email crimson trace and ask for grips for the thunder plus if enough people ask they will make them
Thunder plus crimson trace

Here is a link to crimson traces product request form. I spoke with a rep and they said if enough people request the grip they will make it
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