Why the Bersa Negativity?

Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by TxShooter, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. TxShooter

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    I've noticed it with Hi-Point as well, which I've found to be a reliable and well made firearm. Lots of people made snide remarks, why do you feel that is?
  2. SHOOTER13

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    My 2 cents...

    Usually because they have never owned or shot one...and then they mimic what they hear others say...without any experience to form an opinion of their own.


  3. havasu

    havasu Banned

    Just as Glock being labeled as "the plastic gun"
  4. snakedog

    snakedog Urban Spaceman

    It's made in a South American country. That, and if it cost more. Guns from western Europe and the US are perceived as top shelf, not so guns from elsewhere.

    edit - Hi-Point. Yeah. American. Ugly. Sometimes I forget about those lesser guns from the 1st World. ;)
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  5. OhioBountyHunter

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    I own a Hi Point 995 carbine. It is ok to mess around. It's very unreliable. I have shot several Hi point handguns in several calibers and none of them were good for much more than a boat anchor. Back to the original topic. My Bersa Thunder 380 is VERY reliable AND accurate!
  6. BT380

    BT380 Well-Known Member

    It's mostly due to gun snobbery, seems some folks think that if it does not cost a small fortune that it's no good. I let them thing that way, cause it keeps the price down and I can afford more than one. :D
  7. BurgerBoy

    BurgerBoy Well-Known Member

    Some folks just ain't got good sense.
  8. opaww

    opaww Banned

    Some people are just stuck on one thing and can never know anything else is good or bad because if their tunnel vision views.
  9. stanger1944

    stanger1944 Well-Known Member

    Well I go back to another area and that is fishing equipment. Once upon a time Daiwa reels were the cheapest Wally world special you could get. People probably said oh Daiwa stinks but some people used them and they were great reels then word got out prices increased and now there are Daiwa reels in excess of $1000 a piece. So how about we keep these Bersa and Hi point pistols our little secret eh!
  10. bhale187

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    It comes with the territory of being an inexpensive firearm, some folks refuse to believe that anything can be good if it isn't expensive. You get the same thing with Keltec too.
  11. franco45

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    Like Ohiobountyhunter I too own a Hi Point 995 carbine. The difference is that mine, and my nephews for that matter, have been 100%. I have been seeing quite a few good reviews for Bersa firearms over the last few years. I have owned 3 Thunder 380s nd a Firestorm 22. All have been great guns.
  12. OhioBountyHunter

    OhioBountyHunter Member

    FWIW my 995 is an early one. I don't know it that matters. I can't get through a mag without at least one FTF. I like it and if I could get it to feed right I would shoot it all the time.
  13. Big Bersa

    Big Bersa Member

    Ive seen hi points at gun shows. Are you serious? They look atrocious. Big and clunky. Ugly. I wouldn't own one period. I'd rather carry a bow and arrows.
  14. hobbles

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    I own a C-9, yes it's heavy and it's not built to field strip, but it fires every time I want it to and it has one of the best warranty's out there, and it's not for the first owner, it's for the weapon, forever. For $150 I think it's a darn good weapon.
    Plus their costumer service it very friendly, heck, I talked to tom (owner) for 20 minuets on the phone about what he uses in his reloads.
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  15. SoldiernurseNoMo

    SoldiernurseNoMo Active Member

    The light trigger pull, slim, 8+1 capacity, and very reasonably priced NIB is why I wanted the BP9cc. Actually, had never heard of Bersa until reading a favorable magazine article on the BP9.

    I hope "Bersa" can continue under the radar.
  16. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum SoldiernurseNoMo !!

    Could you guys post pics of these Hi-Points you're talking about...thanks !
  17. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum franco45 !!
  18. blazinbrazer

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    not sure if you've checked it out yet but here is a great place to get advice from experianced owners who are more than happy to help fellow shooters and hi-point owners http://www.hipointfirearmsforums.com/forum/
  19. squeak_D

    squeak_D Member

    If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone knock a Bersa (or Hi-Point) that later to find they never shot or even handled one...., my wife and I would be living it up, and my kids college education will already be taken care of.

    So much of the negativity out there stems from something that someone heard from the friend of a cousin, who dated a guy they once knew, who's uncle (twice removed) said they were junk :)

    I personally will never knock any firearm I haven't handled and shot myself. I've owned several Hi-Points and everyone one of those were darn reliable. Heavy and ugly, but very reliable.

    I've had no issues with my Thunder 380 either.
  20. SoldiernurseNoMo

    SoldiernurseNoMo Active Member

    Thanks Shooter13!