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Which Warranty Center

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Hello Everyone,

Long time reader, first time poster here. I bought a bersa thunder 9 about 6 or 7 months ago and love it! Recently I had the slight problem of the magazine catch sticking. I might as well get my moneys worth with the warranty and send it in. I just don't know what warranty center to send it to.

Can you kind fellows help an old man out and list some pros and cons, or maybe your experiences with the different centers? I really just want to send it to a good gunsmith.

Thanks for the help!
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Colorado Gun Works don't know where you are located but doesn't really matter you should be using FedEx shipping. I used these guys CGW when I had the Disconnect Spring Problem of 2008-2009 the spring would break and render your Bersa useless.They turned it around in 2 weeks and have never had the problem again.
I sent my 380cc to Wolfgang the Gun Doctor. It came back better than new!

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I have used John's Guns (Warranty Center) in the past with excellent results! Fast turnaround, superb work, very knowledgeable!

156 County Road 305
Lott, Texas 76656

Phone: 254-749-7940
e-mail: [email protected]

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