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Where did you guys find a Bersa?

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Has almost decided I wanted a Mak. However a friend pulled out an old Bersa .380 stating you can get one of these new cheaper then you can find a 15 year old Makarov. After examining it I thought he was right. It was just the little simple, blowback, pinned in barrel I wanted.

After being on this forum for a week I decided I wanted the BT .380 with 7 round mag. in mat black finish. Started calling around with the stock question "Do you have a Bersa Thunder .380's?" after about a dozen no's I refined it to you have any Bersa's. Covered every store within a hundred miles. Finally gave up, drove to my FFL dealer and asked him to order one. Out of stock, wait will be one to several months. Where are you guys getting these things?
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I bought my Bersa Thunder 380 Combat model in January, this year. I ordered it from Bud's Guns, online. At the time they had quite a variety of Bersas to choose from. You might give them a look-see.....:D
I've ordered from Bud's and gunbroker. I've also met with sellers or buyers from Texas Gun Trader. At one time I had twelve Bersa handguns. After my wife's heart surgery, I sold eleven of them. Today, I have two. I am slowly... V E R Y S L O W L Y.... rebuilding my collection.
My LGS has one in the case right now for $324.95.
I found five boxes of .380 ammo I forgot I had. That's ALMOST enough to get me looking for a .380 Bersa.
There is an Academy about an hour north of me (yea I live in the sticks) which I will call next. If this doesn't pan out do you just "Google" Buds guns? Thanks for the replies.
BT380CC in stock now:
Great price too. Wrong gun though. They did show BT .380 7 rd Matte out of stock.
I had decided I wanted the bersa .380 cc model but was having trouble locating one also. I called around to several dealers. cabelas had the duotone on sale but none in stock. I was about to give up. we went to the local farm store (fleetfarm) and found it there. I was so shocked. I said, "bersa .380 for 299 bucks?" saleslady said yes. "I want it." great deal. got what I wanted & for a great price :)
I said, "bersa .380 for 299 bucks?" saleslady said yes. "I want it." great deal. got what I wanted & for a great price :)
If I knew their number I would see if they had a BT .380 in matte. Gee I just ordered a second magazine for a imaginary pistol I may never own.
I got mine at a little country store about 10 minutes from my house. I wanna say in Feb. I have shot about 20 rounds and can tell you I will never give it or sale it to anyone. I went and got my ccw permit here in Wv and carry it daily. That is unless I go Maryland which they don't recognize no out of state permits. Then it's at home locked up in my pistol safe. Anyway they will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands to get it.
Got mine off armslist for $275 plus a 50rd box of blazer ammo.
they are around -- , pawn shops, local dealers -- they are not easy to come by, but in less than 5 weeks I scored a BT-380 and a BT-22 -- let your local shops know you want one and keep at it
I've had a Bersa Thunder .22 and a Combat on my wish list at Buds for 2 months so they will notify me when they get some in stock and haven't heard back from them.
I bought 2 BT380s in February for $269 each at a local dealer. Now they have another one but they jumped the price by $55.
I got my BT380 at Cabelas Hoffman Estates Ill. I had a choice between the Bersa or the Ruger. Being I was unemployed at the time I opted for the Bersa to keep a few bucks in my pocket. I have no regrets. Bought a second BT380 for my wife. Fun to shoot and does not break the bank.
Pinkerton Service CO in southeast Kansas. Awesome. Mine was on the shelf...they have also special ordered other hard to find models for us.
I bought mine just up the street at a gun and pawn. Man had bought it for his wife to target shoot with, then she got into archery and he sold the gun to buy her a nicer bow. Only had about 50 rounds through it. It's my daily carry gun and if its not in my belt, it's no further away than my car.
I bought my Thunder 380 for $350 at an army surplus store south of Atlanta. I had been on the hunt for a PPK but decided to grab the Bersa to save some money. I haven't seen either gun lately at local stores.
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