What a day with my new BP-9cc !!

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    Well I picked the gun up today at 10:30am went home cleaned the barrel & recoil spring and headed for the range. Loaded both mags fist round raked and click....No BOOM ejected the round and racked another round squeezed and click...No BOOM! Thought maybe it was a problem with the magazine inserted the 2nd mag and racked the round and BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! then click again? Extremely light primer strikes. "Houston" we have a problem! Headed back to the dealer, he gave it a complete cleaning and the dealer said the area around the firing pin was really gunky, cleaned it put some Slip EWL and put it back together. Well he said I think that was your problem go try it out and if it still fails to work we will send it back.

    Back to the range after 3 mags with no issues were good to go!
    This is a very accurate C.C. gun at 7yds. my groups were within 1-1/2" that is until I fired the Bersa as fast as I could! If its not gonna fire under all conditions its better I find out now.

    So after a initial problem with gunk in the firing pin area, I can say this is a most controllable gun, hardly any muzzle jump and very accurate...In other words its a keeper!!
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  2. David

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    I've heard of quite a few BPs having problems with gunk around the firing pin.

    Glad you got it working! Its a good gun.

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    Muy bueno!. Glad you got your pistola working. Sounds like a good one.