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Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by probus, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. probus

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    I've got a bersa .380 duo-tone and I purchased the walnut grips for it... makes the profile bigger for concealed carry but I love the extra wrap for my hand that I feel-- i'm thinking of putting the factory grips back on for summer carry and walnuts back on for winter-- man, I love this pistol!-- Regards, probus
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    I have the same BT.380 with the Walnut Grips. They make a difference and have made me more accurate, gun fits my hand better.
    As far as concealed carry, I don't have any problem carrying with the walnut grips. :)

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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum probus !!

    Let's see a picture of those grips...
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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !
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    walnut grips pix as requested...

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    The grips in the pic are great but thumbs down on the walnut for the 380 cc model.
  7. probus

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    why buddy?-- I was just wondering because i'm thinking of getting a CC .380... what's wrong with the grips on those pistols?
  8. Buddy

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    Hi Probus; The factoy grips are just fine. I must say I had a bad experience with the walnut grips on the 380cc model.The first set of grips would not go on the pistol and seat as they should so I sent them back and they sent another set which did the same thing. After all was said and done they refunded my money and I put the factory grips back on.

    I have the checkered walnut grips on standard 380 BT and they work great and look great but something was really not right with the 380 cc grips. I thought it might be my gun but then the factory grips work fine. Good luck.
  9. millsriver

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    With the walnut grips on the 380 CC, you need to sand (Dremel) a small oval shaped indentation where the sharp end of the spring on the magazine safety rubs. Otherwise, it won't release easily. The indentation only needs to be about 1/16" or so deep and just wide enough and long enough so the end of the spring does not rub on the wood. On the factory grips, that portion of the grip is hollowed out so it doesn't contact the spring end. This is a simple fix that I have used on two 380 CC's, both with walnut grips. It would seem that the factory would figure this one out and prepare the grips accordingly.
  10. bersasales

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    The grips are not made by the factory. they are made exclusively for us by Keystone in PA. I will pass the information you have given on the them.