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Video showing the magazine ban

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This is what I was waiting for, someone to show them that the mag ban is not the answer.:mad:
Watch this video & let me know what you think.
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Not a bad video at all and will say I learned a couple of things from it. Times would be a little slower in true combative situation as we would not have had a convenient 55 gallon drum as a staging table for our mags. Two mags might have been close if you held the spare in your free hand, but I prefer a two handed hold , but anything beyond that, fishing for mags out of your pocked or pouch would have added to the time. If, and I do stress "If", nothing more than 10 round mags existed, a "mad killer" would carry multiple guns. I was discussing a 1957 S&W Chief's Special (two inch barrel) that I was given and that I have out on a semi-permanent loan to my brother, with a retired LA LEO. He said that during the early 50s to late 60's, before semi-autos really became the rage, that after a gun battle that there would generally be 2-5 unregistered snub noses left at a crime scene on the ground as the were discarded when emptied for a fully loaded one.
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Response to: Video showing the magazine ban

Interesting vid but this proves nothing. To much faulty info. First off as was posted on original post(which for some reason i cant reply to) the mags were a bit more accessible than if you had in pocket or pouch, though if practiced it is not to difficult or add much time to get mags(but maybe enough time). As far as the times between the different sets, both shooters were shooting at a slower speed using 2-15 rd mags then they did using the other sets. Lets look at the runner, he is not going full speed, more of a trot. If you feared for your life and you took the option to attack on reload i believe i would be running much faster than that. With doing some estimating math i believe you could get to 25 ft. in under 1 sec. at full sprint. Then there is the multiple gun senario. If you had semi auto pistol with 4-15 rd mags(60 shots: not counting each with one in chamber), it would take 10-6 rd wheel guns. Though this may happen, it is a less probable scenario and not as easy to carry.
I do want to add that i believe we should be able to carry more than 10 rds but more on the side of more is better in a defensive combat situation. Under stress and not shooting at paper targets that arent moving a defender may miss the BG a few times and it may take more than 1 shot to take down a threat. Not trying to be a ranting that i dont like the video...
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