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    Has anyone tried the versacarry IWB?
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  3. DPGlock/Bersa

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    I have one for my Glock 23, 40 cal. Works good, pretty comfortable. Need to get one for my Bersa UC 9. But I still prefer OWB paddle holster. Got to find one of those too. Any suggestions??
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    Almost looks like the pistol is actually against your skin. Is it? I'd hate to have the oils in my skin affect the finish of the pistol, or the oils/cleaners of the pistol irritate my skin...
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    Just can't seem to get the plug idea into my head. Thankfully thousands of our Armed Forces have fought to protect our right to decide things for ourselves.
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    Check out High Noon Holsters they havr a nice iwb for $30. I'm getting one for my 9uc.
  7. Hal9000

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    Just bought the Versacarry

    I just purchased the Versacarry for my Thunder 380. Works great, being i wear a t-shirt that helps keep the gun away from direct contact with my skin. The Versacarry is very nice. I cannot even tell i am wearing it. I also bought one for my Patriot Compact .45. I plan to get one for my 9mm next. I highly recommend this IWB holster.
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    eeww. I don't like that at all. looks flimsy.
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    I attended a CC coarse to get it out of the way when the time comes for me to apply for the CC permit. (Illinois). Versacarry holsters w/plastic handguns were used as demo's throughout the coarse until day #5 when we were instructed to bring in our preferred carry weapon and holster. I liked the function of the holster overall but did not like the IWB style. I trained with my mag pug 357 and an OWB nylon Uncle Mike's. I am still undecided on a CC holster. I may find a belt style pouch that will easily conceal a small handgun. I gotta say that out of 46 people who attended this class, two of us had revolvers. Compact semi-auto's are very popular and quite a few 1911 as well. Very interesting to see just what others intend to carry.