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Vega pancake holster for Thunder .380

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Just bought one from It fits the gun like a glove. I had an Uncle Mike's with the magazine pouch built in. It was so bulky that it was impossible to conceal under normal clothes. The Vega holster pulls tight to the body and shows VERY little printing. It also sits high enough that it doesn't show below my shirt, even with both arms stretched above my head. I chose buds guns because of the price. Only $43.76 plus shipping.
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Took a long look at those before I decided on going with a UBG.
How much cant does it have? I'm looking for a good pancake with highride and about a 15 degree cant to it that conceals well.
Not sure what the angle is. I wear mine straight up. It conceals better for me that way.
Pictures or it didn't happen...:D
Try again!
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