UTG Discreet Pistol Case review

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by ECII, Oct 16, 2013.

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    If you need a nice little simple soft folding case for your Thunder .380 (or PPK, or similar framed pistol) try the UTG Discreet Pistol Case for Sub-Compact Pistol and Revolvers. I got mine in the small size and it fits like a glove, barely, but that's what I wanted. Holds a pistol and a spare mag.

    Its a not padded much, seems like its just right though. Nice synthetic material, feels a little on the cheap side but once you shoehorn your pistol in there you realize, "ahhh, a nice little case". Now if you have more than two mags (and who only has two mags?) then you won't be able to store them all here. But overall a nice little case. Here's how mine looks:


    Amazon has it for under fifteen bucks. Just sharing the Bersa experience. :)
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    Thanks for the review...good job !

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    Just ordered a couple of more mags from Bersa, have not had this pistol out since working the slide hundreds of times to see if I can break it in a bit. But this case is a ncie one, after 6 moths the elastic has a bit of memory and keeps its shape. Nice pistol case for an attractive pistol.