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Thought it would be nice to see where all our usernames came from....

Mine glock26, was my EDC at the time of creation, and obviously USMC.

Where did yours come from?
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Because squirrel's 1 of the first things I started hunting,it's the 1st season to come in and for years was my favorite thing to hunt.
Simple, really... first name is "Rob", last name begins with "O", and when I first joined the forum all of our guns were 9MM. A Ruger P95, Kel Tec PF9, and my wife's Thunder 380 (9MM short).

I have since then added a Kel Tec P32 and sold the Ruger P95, and most recently sold the P32. The Ruger was my "house gun" and I wanted to add a laser and wanted something like the Crimson Trace laser on the wife's Thunder 380. I am looking at other full size 9MM's and lean towards a Ruger P89 which I can add Crimson Trace grips very similar to the Thunder 380 grips.

I also would like to get another Kel Tec, this time a P3AT, which I can also get a C/T laser for and staying within the 9MM "family", eliminating the stockpiling of a 3rd ammo caliber (32 acp).
My family is the Gordon family. We are known in Scotland as a fighting people whose regiments eventually became known in England as "The Gordon Highlanders". I'm proud of my family heritage and try to honor it where I can.

More info if curious
What's everyone's story?
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