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991 Views 2 Replies 2 Participants Last post by  hilandr is an online social network that gravitates around listening to music with others. The social network rose out of another failed one, called Stickybits, which was created by the same founders, Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen.

Here is my room. Please hop in. I am usually in here during the work day.

Here’s a bullet list explaining how works:

You join and create a virtual avatar that represents you as a DJ
This DJ Avatar lets you go from virtual room to virtual room listening to music that other DJs are playing.
If you want to do more than listening, you can elect to play your own music, which will line up in a queue once you’ve selected it. This is simulated by you taking your turn–ie going up to the DJ booth. Turntable has a song selection tool with an expansive list of songs. If a song you want to play isn’t listed, you can upload it and play it.
All DJ avatars that are within a room hear the playing song simultaneously; that’s how the social element is built into the music-listening experience. A chat box lets people talk about the song.
When you are up at the booth, others in the room have the opportunity to rate your song selections. The people can call your song “awesome” or “lame.” Each time you get an awesome, you get DJ points. Accumulating DJ points allows you to upgrade Avatars, so you can get cooler looking DJs. It’s definitely a hip avatar buffet: DeadMau5 and Daft Punk lookalikes for the most popular DJs.
You can create your own rooms that are private so you can listen to whatever music you want for free.
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Interesting idea! Kind of like private radio stations?
Yes, feel free to hop in and check it out!
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