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truly a pocket pistol?

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I am looking hard and long at a Bersa Thunder 380CC.

To the point:

I wear jeans, and I have a 34 inch waist.

Is the CC truly a pocket pistol for me?

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I think it will be a little large for that. I am 6 foot 7 inches with a 40 inch waist and it is too big for me.

The .380CC is quite a bit larger than the traditional pocket guns - the TCP, P3AT, and the LCP. I have a TCP and it fits in my pocket easily.
Well, I am 5'-11" with a 36" waist. My 380cc in a Nemesis pocket holster fits perfectly in my bluejeans rear pocket. It also fits in my front pocket, but I find it difficult to draw quickly from the front pocket. Rear pocket works great! Maybe the name brand of bluejeans others wear has different pocket sizes? I wear Wrangler's.....:D
I can wear a CC in Khakis, but not jeans.
Welcome to the forum rmocarsky. I have tried the small poly frmaed auto pistols mentioned. Mostly the KTs and Rugers. They are great for carry. But I find them to be up close and personal defense weapons. That is what they are inteded to be. I find it hard to hit at longer distances with them especially those that are DA only. So if ya intend to use the tiny autos for any kinda range work at longer distances, it may be difficult. Maybe not for everyone, but it was for me. Guess if all ya need is up close and personal the tiny guns will work just fine.

I just got use to the DA/SA of the Bersa and prefer the exposed hammer guns. Like he longer sight radius also. Most of the time I carry a standard Thunder .380 in an old Bianchi leather, thumb break, IWB. I am 5'-7" and have a 36 inch waist. Yeah, it's a bit heavy and larger, but it works for me.
Another concern with carying CC in pockets is printing. I have decided, since I own and like .380CC, to go with different clothing for pocket cary, which is cargo pants with side pockets.
I have to disagree guys. I carry my BT380CC daily, I wear jeans many days. I have a 32 inch waist and do not print such that anyone notices. I also carry it in shorts. This is kinda blurry, but here is a photo of me carrying. I am very thin, you would think that it would show, but it doesn't.

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I also carry my CC in my front pocket with a blackhawk holster with no problem. Some pants are harder than others to avoid printing but with most part no worries.
Agreed, I have one pair of slacks that is too sheer and the thing just really stands out. But out of all my clothing, that's pretty good IMO.


OP here.

Right now the only firearm that I own that I consider a pocket pistol is a Phoenix HP22.

In a Uncle Mikes pocket holster, it fits in the front pocket of my Wrangler jeans very well.

The Bersa CC is bigger, but I think it will fit because it is not that much bigger, and believe it or not, it is lighter than the Phoenix.

By the way, anybody who bashes Phoenix HP22s, does not own mine.

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The only way to tell is to try it. I suggest you borrow one first. Have a friend who pocket carries a Kahr CM9 daily. I never notice it. He actually handed it to me and told me to try it for a few days when I told him I was looking at the Keltec for pocket carry. I didn't keep it long at all. Felt like I had just shoplifted a grapefruit. That thing felt huge in my pocket. Didn't work for me at all but he had no problem with it.
I agree that the only way to tell is to try it. I can pocket carry a Hi-Point C9 in some of my jeans, but others I can't carry my Sccy CPX-2 without printing too much. I actually don't like pocket carry, unless it's in cargo shorts, because it's too difficult to get to the weapon while sitting (especially in the car). On my hip, it's difficult enough, but from the pocket it's nearly impossible.
Pocket carry is what you do when you can carry no other way. Tucked in shirt and no cover jacket. I use a P3AT and even then I switch from front to back pocket depending on what I'm wearing. Gargo short have huge back pockets but are so loose anyone can see what's in them so I carry front pocket in an Uncle Mikes No1. Jeans are back pocket Don Hume. Khaki's switch around depending on cut and pocket size.

BTW my carry ammo of MagTech 85 grain +p that's normally 1080 fps out of a normal .380 such as the Bersa barely reaches 950 out of my 2.7" brl P3AT. 8/10 of an inch is not much when taken from a 20 inch barrel but you cut a 3.5 inch barrel that much and you drop some velocity.
Because I will only be able to carry "mostly" in pocket, I decided to just embrace it. Because I always wear pants; I practice at the range drawing from there. I carry every day; to me that's what I want is consistency.
Because I always wear pants
So you're denying the rumors of your late night streaking? :D
So you're denying the rumors of your late night streaking? :D
So far as anyone in here knows, I've not been streaking the Quad.
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