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When I first bought my 9mm UC Pro I was not totally happy with the "friction" of the plastic grip. As I have small to medium sized hands, I was sure that a grip sleeve would add too much bulk.

I found this product and have been very pleased with it for a long time. So if anyone is looking to add some traction to their grip with virtually no additional bulk, I would try these Tractiongrips.

I also bought one of the universal sets and put the strap on the front of the grip. Otherwise, it just comes with side panels. I have since taken the strip off the front opting rather, for the stock grooved aluminum.

This has been a great product for me and the customer service is exceptional. I think the cost is around $7.50 ± per set.

I have no affiliation with this company and do not make any money off the sales. I just think someone out there might be looking for something like this.

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