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Totally Surprised!!!!

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Finally got around to taking my new to me Bersa 380 Model 85 to the range today. Could only find 2 boxes of ammo and they were DRT .380 Auto 85 gr HP so I ran those 40 through.

Having never shot a 380 before, to say I was surprised would be an understatement. Not sure what I was expecting but I was totally surprised at the recoil. I'm used to shooting my 1911-45 with 230 grain ammo so I figured the 380 with 85 grain would almost be like going from a 357 to a wasn't quite like that. It has quite a recoil. It actually hurt my trigger finger each time I pulled the trigger so I've got to work on that.

But....the gun ran through those 40 bullets with no problems...I will need to practice with it some but I didn't do too bad my first time shooting it. I do love the double stack 13 round magazine...wish I could find at least one more even if it wasn't a double stack.

I ordered a Tagua holster for it and it should be in sometimes today so I'm excited about that. I've got to find some more ammo and try different brands especially a carry load.

I think I'm going to love it now that I've gotten over the shock of the recoil...I'm used to the recoil on my 45 but just wasn't expecting it on my little 380. LOL.

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The little guns are a handful, my wife's LCP feels like it has a bigger snap (which I think it does) then my Glock 21 or 30

They are definitely not a range run IMO, just too hard on the hands for me to do an extensive range trip with. Maybe that's me because of my hands

Congrats on the Bersa, and thanks for doing a range report ;)
My wife thinks nothing of running 150 rounds through her 380 thunder double stack, then another 100 or so through her thunder 22. She loves the double stack but digs dinging the steel targets with the 22. It took about 3 months for her to get used to the 380, we hit the range twice a month.
I can relate to the recoil when shooting a 380, I have a Ruger LCP 380 a Bersa BP-9cc along with a CZ-75BD 9mm and of the 3 the 380 is the hardest to control. We want a pocket gun that's easy to conceal the 380 and the Bersa BP-9cc do that but of the 2 guns, I enjoy shooting the BP-9cc. For me the BP allows me to get all my fingers on the grip giving me better control and accuracy, the 380 dare I say it..Is just too small for any real range time because of the very small grips the gun has. Now the CZ is a full size pistol, and recoil is very mild and has been very accurate. The great ergonomics in the grip and the design one of the the drawbacks is the weight...At well over 2lbs. with a full mag, and its very hard to effectively C.C.. My everyday carry is the Bersa BP-9cc it has the best of both worlds, very accurate and reliable, light weight and very controllable recoil and easy to C.C.. The 380 in comparison for me is lacking when compared side by side to what the 9mm offers.
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