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Took My New Thunder UCP to the Range Today...

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Well, I finally was able to get my New .45 Thunder Ultra Carry Pro to the range today and had plenty of ammo to play with... 300+ rnds. 200 rnds of Winchester (White Box) 230 Gr FMJ, 100 rnds of Federal 230 Gr. FMJ , and 14 rnds of Black Hills 185 Gr. Barnes Tac-XP (My carry ammo)

The session started out well with the exception of seriously heavy recoil & muzzle flash from the Winchester and some mild hammer bite - from what I perceive to be my too high of a hold - since I am used to the length of a 1911 Gov't. and not used to the shorter grip as of yet.

The pistol ate the Winchester flawlessly up until I reached approximately the 60-70 round mark. Then every round after that it wanted to jam by failing to fully feed the next round into battery. I believe it is because this ammo leaves massive powder residue and fouling behind. I only say this because a guy one lane over from me - using a full size stainless 1911 was having the same issues with the exact same ammo - and he showed me the powder fouling on the outside of the slide surrounding the muzzle as well.

At that point I switched to the Federal and at first it did the same until I managed to get a few rounds through it and then it only failed to feed about every other round or so. Overall it still seemed to feed better than the Winchester at that point.

Lastly, I ran one mag of my carry rounds just to see how it felt and handled. I must say that I love the Barnes Tac-XP load. Definitely lighter recoil - to be expected - but compared to the 230 Gr. FMJ's the muzzle flash was basically non-existent! If I could only find target loads like this!

Regardless, I like how this pistol started out... pointed almost naturally, felt good in the hand, trigger pull was smooth and grouped well. My only complaint was the failure to feed from what I believe was fouling. The sad part is I still have 120 rnds of Winchester left to use. I guess I'll have to keep breaking this weapon in in smaller increments instead of trying a marathon 'BLAM' session! LOL However I am happy overall with this Bersa product!​
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