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Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by dalefan88, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. dalefan88

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    I'm looking for a carry gun. I like shooting my wife's thunder 380. So I been looking at the ultra compact 9mm. Problem is I'm having problems finding them in stock.

    What's your guys thoughts on this gun and is stuff like a extra mag hard to get?
  2. WayneJessie

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    My LGS has two in stock. I have been eyeballing one for a while now. It feels like a well-made gun. Perhaps a tad heavy for long carry days but that's comparing one to a sub-compact which isn't fair. The LGS guys all say they are a great gun for the money. Mags were out of stock a few weeks ago but I don't know if they are in now. I think one would look great with a nice set of custom wood grips installed.

  3. David

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    After the recent gun and ammo scare, they still are a wee bit hard to find. I assure you, however, that they will return.
  4. Dbltap99

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    Uc 40

    My wife has a Thunder UC 40 which I carry at times. It is a bit larger and bulkier but its a fine weapon. Before she bought it, she read up on several guns while trying to decide what she wanted. She picked this and it fits her hand perfectly. She is also a very good shot with it. We have matching Thunder 380's as well and have not had a single bit of trouble from either one. Lost a grip screw but Bersa was more than happy to send me two brand new ones at no charge. Each Thunder has had close to 1500 rounds thru them without fail (shooting PMC factory ammo and what I reload) and the 40 has had about 500-1000 thru it (also PMC and what I reload). Flawless so far! they are a little particular about ammo. So far we have found Winchester whitebox and PMC work best. American Eagle works good. They didn't like the Remington ammo very well, with a couple of hangs on ejection (stovepipes) but otherwise not bad. All my reloads work well and have had no problems with them (usually Rainier bullets on the used brass and using Winchester 231 powder). Good luck on finding a 9mm UC. They were hard to find before the scare and now they are rarer. Plenty of 40 and 45 around though, in this area of Virginia.

    Good luck and I hope if you get one, you enjoy it as much as we do! :)
  5. ugawino

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    I love my Thunder UC9. But extra magazines are indeed an issue. I don't think anyone other than Bersa makes them (no aftermarket) so you basically have to buy them through the website. Last time I looked, a 10-round magazine was $45 or so plus shipping. I found a used 13-round magazine at a gun show last winter but I had to pay about $40 for it. Seems everyone knows that Bersa owners pretty much have to pay a premium on spare magazines.

    I haven't put a whole lot of rounds through mine (maybe a hundred or so) but I've yet to experience any malfunctions. Great little gun. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  6. MojoRonin

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    I have the Thunder 9 Pro UC in duotone, and love it. Its my EDC. Over 500 rounds of factory ammo, and not a problem. The finger grooves help get you in a decent grip. Trigger is good. I say that its a good compromise between a sub compact and a full size without any compromise. Good capacity, good handling, good accuracy. It feels and shoots like a full size, and it hides like a compact - with 2 caveats: one, it is a bit heavy, secondly, it is wide. I address it by this: I'm the 5'9" / 190lbs. quintessential 'average sized guy' and in my late 30' isn't *that* heavy or big. Also, as it is a bit heavy, it sure makes it sweeter to shoot, because it isn't snapping or clobbering your hands when it is shot - and that's what a gun is for: shooting. If it isn't shootable, why would you want it. Period. Finally, I got mine with a total of 4 magazines, the Fobus OWB holster, and purchased Sig #8 Tritium sights (80 bucks) which I had installed by a gunsmith. The magazines are expensive, but all 4 of them run great with no difference between them for operation. The Fobus OWB Holster is good for the heat; however it does make the pistol stick out quite a bit. If you follow the instructions to the letter, it has doing-cartwheels and chase the kids in the yard retention. I won't lie, the holster and pistol look pretty bad ass as a set.

    There used to be a racoon that was 30 feet up in the tree by my chicken coop. It was dark-dusk (about 9:30 pm in mid June). Note that I said "used to", as in past tense. Let's just say I highly recommend a proper installation of those tritium night sights to anyone. I'd call that an accurate-enough of a pistol, too; minute-of-racoon at 30-ish feet.