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Thunder Plus .380 Trigger engagement

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So I lusted over this gun last year & it's 15 round capacity. The Gun Shop had told me it had been gone over by the Factory. OK, I'm good with that. On the first outing the gun didn't cycle 2 times & I blamed that on various ammo. since then maybe not perfect but good. ~ Trusted it~

Then on Sunday the trigger won't reengage. I ran about 4 mags through it - but I had to - re rack & mess around with it to get the trigger to engage every mag.

On Monday I find 2 pins under both sides of the grip that i adjust & now she seems to be better - but still not right. Now, ~ I can't trust it~

Input Thoughts?

The store I bought it from is checking into my "options"?

Thanks in advance for the Help she's got about 600 rounds though her...
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:cool: Well there you go -

My guy called & told me it has a life time warranty & they'll send it back.
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