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Thunder 40 Ultra Compact Pro Accuracy

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I love everything about this gun, EXCEPT..... It seems to shoot extremely low. I have many other handguns and they all shoot fine. So I know its not me. Anyone else have this problem?
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The combat sights take some getting used to. You actually have to cover your target with the front sight post in order to hit where you want.
Covering the target is not enough.. I am talking like 4" or so low at 35ft. Are there any adjustable sights available for this gun?
My Thunder 9 UC Pro shoots really low as well.

Haven't put enough rounds through it to really get used to it yet. Once I do, I'm sure I'll trust it but for now, I'm still a little "iffy" about it.

Love everything else about it, though. Feels great in the hand and the recoil is negligible at best.
Not sure if linking to a thread in another Bersa forum is a no-no here or not, but here's a discussion about certain Bersas being able to accept Sig Sauer 220/226 sights. I'm no gunsmith, but according to this thread, you can choose from tritium, fiber optic, adjustable rear sights, etc.

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Bench rest and fire your Bersa . Have another shooter fire it. Don't use the 6 oclock hold cover with front sight.

This might help you also click on to enlarge.

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I had a BTUC40 that had this exact same problem. Weird thing was, I NEVER had this problem with ANY of my other BT's. After many rounds and much time has passed, I finally gave up on it and traded it for a BT Plus.
I've had my 40 uc pro for 6 months and it is dead on. I put over 100 rounds through it every week and it has not let me down.
Mornin CB,
If your serial #starts with # A80077 or higher the sig sights will fit. Go here, then at the bottom of the page is the info you want. The stock sights for me were junk. They are made to cover the POI. I put the #9 rear sight on mine and really like the weapon now. I aim bout 1/2 inch under where I want to hit at 21'. With the new rear sight I start with this and end up with that. Be careful when you remove the sight, it comes out and goes on from the left side and you MIGHT have a spring under the rear sight.
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We are going shooting Saturday. I am going to shoot some different brands of ammo. I am 98% sure I am not flinching. there is no reason to pull or flinch. This gun shoots super smooth. Probably the smoothest in my arsenal next to my 1911. I will post my trials and results. I am not going to give up on it as I love the way this gun feels. Will look into some dif sights depending on what I see on Saturday.
The 40 Ultra Thunder comp. Pro that I have is the most accurate hand gun I have ever owned. Groups of 4 inches at 25 yards are the normal.
Maby the sight is bent or something.
Mornin WR,
Are you usin the dead on or the 6 o'clock hold? I do beleive the Bersa's are very accurate with the sights they come with. I just didn't like the dead on hold. (cover the POI)
In post #9 I said I replaced my rear sight with the #10 rear sight, NO!! I replaced it with the #9.
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