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Thunder 380 trigger spring dimensions?

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Yesterday, I posted a message (in a different, but related thread) requesting assistance with finding a source for different trigger-springs for a Thunder an attempt to lessen the pull. I just bought the pistol, and now find that a physical problem with my right hand makes it VERY difficult for me to pull the trigger.

In short, I am starting a new thread, because I found a guy who "may" be able to make replacement springs for me of various tension, and/or find an existing spring from another weapon that will achieve the same end result. Do attempt this, he needs the following information about the stock trigger spring for a Thunder 380. As you might imagine, Bersa has been less then quick with a response. Can't say that I blame them.

Anyway, if anyone can answer the following it would be greatly appreciated. If I can't reduce the trigger pull on this new pistol (not one round fired through it), I'll have to sell it.

1. Spring OD (outside diameter)

2. Wire size or spring ID (inside diameter)

3. Total number of coils

4. Overall length of the existing spring.

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Follow-up to prior post about trigger spring tension

Got tired of waiting for dimensions from Bersa, so ordered two trigger springs for a Thunder 380; I will keep one on-hand as a backup, but will send the other one to a guy who is willing to take physical dimension off of the spring.......with the possibly of his being able create a new spring with less tension. Should be a simple (LOL) matter of creating a spring with 3 versus 4 turnings. Don't know about you, but the 8 .lb tension on the 380 trigger is a bit tough on my old hands.

Keep you informed.

I have the same situation that you have. Were you able to get a new spring and test it?
Please let me know, If it worked I would like to get one.
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