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Thunder 380, take 2

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After a rocky start with slide lock failures and jamming issues, I'm just about ready to make the Thunder 380 my EDC. Want to put another 250 - 300 rounds through it, but it has been flawless since the slide and magazine repairs. The dealer I purchased from has offered a full refund in trade for a LC380 or a G42 if I want, but noted he has never had a complaint on a Thunder before. Got my fingers crossed.
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Congratulation of getting the repairs done and I'll wish ya' luck. Even though I have a 9UC, for the most part I have gone back to carrying my original BT 380 as my EDC. It just fits the hand better with the DLX mags and I have far less printing carrying it than I do the 9UC. I carry OWB using a UBG holster. Wish Bersa made the 9UC in a single stack the size and footprint of the 380 with the extended mag.
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