Thunder .380 slide hangs

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    I have owned a Thunder .380 since 1992 and am now on my second Thunder .380 as a result of warranty work. The Thunder .380 is a nice shooting gun, so this post is not to bash the Bersa or the Thunder .380.

    I have noticed on my second Thunder that the slide hangs about 1/2" from the fully forward position if I walk the slide forward. I also encountered the same problem with my first Thunder .380. The slide does go fully forward when shooting or when released when fully rearward. Has anyone encountered this problem with their Thunder .380 and if so how did you resolve it.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to the Bersa Forum SolTrek !!

    Sorry I can't help...I own a Bersa Thunder 45 UC.

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    Tried it with mine. I am assuming that you have the mag out.Cause with the empty mag in the gun, the gun locks open until the slide release is pressed?

    You may want to remove your slide and check the bottom of the slide for burrs. There is a slot on the bottom side of the slide that rides over the disconnector. Check to see if there are any burrs along the slot that the disconnector slides in. Metal is thin on the slide there. So just "polish" don't file it.

    Might check to see if the pin that holds the extractor in the slide has not worked it's way out the bottom of the slide. It can be seen from the top ena bottom of the slide about halfway back from the ejection port. It should not stick out the bottom. The one on my gun is flush with the top of the slide. If it sticks out the bottom a pin punch and mallet should be good to drive it back in flush with the slide.

    Another thing that happens with alot of auto pistols in general is binding where the slide makes contact with the hammer. That is about where you mention the binding is, "about half inch from fully closing." That is common and may just smooth out. I have found machining marks on the bottom of the slide at the rear. These will sometimes cause binding when the slide is pulled back to load or when it is releases slowly forward. Usually there will be more resistance when slowly loading a round under spring tension from the mag spring and hammer spring. Polishing the bottom of the slide shuld help. I have also had to very lightly round the corner at the back of the slide that initially contacts the hammer. That means "polishing" not removingmetal with a file. That might make it where the hammer will not fully c0ck.

    Disclaimer: I am no professional gunsmith. These are just suggestions for you to check and consider. Things I would check if I noticed a problem. You may use suggestions at your own risk. If you feel there is someting seriously wrong that needs to be looked at, return to the maker if under warranty. Or have a professional gunsmith check it out.

    It is possible that the gun just needs to loosen up. Lubrication in those areas may help also. Might not be anyting really wrong with it.
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    My fiancee's does that sometimes. Never thought anything of it. If I just slowly guide the slide forward and it gets "caught", I just tap the rear part of the slide and let it set itself. Really never thought much of it.
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    Good post Pancho, it is always recommended to check for any visual signs of a problem. Assuming that you did not find anything wrong and the gun is cleaned and lubed properly, rack the slide as see what happens. If this is just an issue with riding the slide forward...don't do that. The gun was designed to slam forward after ejecting the spent round, let it do it's job and it will loosen up some over time.