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Thunder 380 Plus first day out.

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Picked up my Bersa up two days ago (looking for a CC gun) and took it out for the first time yesterday. Put 150 rounds down, the first 30 it really struggled. After that I only loaded the mags with 14 and it flew through the rounds from then on. Even with the smaller frame of the Thunder 380 it was shockingly easy to handle. Loved it so much I am already looking into some nice little customization and maybe some simple gunsmith work ti have it working like a dream then picking up another 380 for a CC gun.
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Congrats on the new Bersa Thunder...let's see some pics !

Quick cell photo. Managed to track down a good source for .380 ammo. A gun shop about 30 min away has Critical Defense and Hydra Shok on the shelf. Grabbed a box of Critical Defense and some cheap target ammo, only allowed two boxes per visit.
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