Thunder .380 Plus coming home soon!

Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by 4wheelin, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. 4wheelin

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    Well, walked into the gun shop and saw a nice little used Thunder Plus for sale. What was I to do? I walked out, thought about it for a day or two, then went in and plunked some money down for it. Lucky it was still there.

    Bought a safe this month, so money is a little scarce. I will have to wait a few more weeks to pay it off and bring it home.

    Started looking for a extra mag for it....$90 on GB! Crazy.

    Ps..please don't tell the wife.;)
  2. Pancho_Villa

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    Muy bueno. Good pistola ya got. Hope you can get it out soon.

  3. CPSinWC

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  4. 4wheelin

    4wheelin Active Member

    Thanks, can't wait to pick it up and shoot it. This will be my first Besa. I really wanted a nickel finish, but that will have to wait until my next one!
  5. SHOOTER13

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    Post pics and a range report when you get her !
  6. hotshott

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    Bought a BT380 in November. After break in I took the wife to the range. She loved it. January we bought another for her. We still have not been out to shoot the new one yet. Northern Illinois indoor gun ranges are sad to say the least. I have been searching for a local gun club with an outdoor range for hand gun. I found one near Rockford but they have a waiting list to get on as a member. Enjoy your Bersa and welcome to the forum.
  7. 4wheelin

    4wheelin Active Member

    Well, picked up the Plus yesterday. I've cleaned it but haven't had a chance to shoot it yet. Seems to be a nice gun for being used.

    Bad thing is, I also found a Thunder .380cc in Nickel that I thought I had to have and so I should be getting that one on Thurs.

    Does the madness stop?

    I will post a pic when I have them both in hand...
  8. LT2108

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    Congrats..... No, the madness doesn't stop, it just gets worse ;)
  9. spyder

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    congrats on the find. I have to dont have to tell..what was cost of used 380 plus? as far as mags...yes i hear they are scarce. i must of been very lucky...when i bought my plus they had a few mags on the wall so i bought them. then i was at another of my lgs a few weeks later and was looking for something else and happened to see they had some plus mags also...cleaned them set.
  10. 4wheelin

    4wheelin Active Member

    I don't mind at was around $330 OTD.

    It was in great shape and I've ordered some grips from Marschals that should dress it up quite nicely. They should be here in a few weeks.

    I've been looking for another mag, but I refuse to pay the outrageous prices people are asking. I'll find one hopefully when all the madness ceases.
  11. 4wheelin

    4wheelin Active Member

    Here ya I could do spur of the moment.
  12. David

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    Yeah... I am jealous.