Thunder 380 ocassional stovepipe

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  1. Squelchtone

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    Hi Everyone,

    I didn't see a post yet about stovepipes. Whenever I'm at the range, and no matter if I'm feeding Hornady critical defense hollow points or Remington UMC I occasionally get stovepipes in my Bersa Thunder 380. I keep it very clean, the ramp is factory polished and nothing has been modified. Maybe I'm limp wristing it?

    Anyone else experience this or have any tips to over come it?

    Thank you,
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Limp wristing could be the cause of your happens to the best of us sometimes...

    mostly with blowback operating semi-autos during recoil.

  3. David

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    Even I limp-wrist sometimes. Its okay to admit it. Nothing to be ashamed of. :)
  4. bersastud

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    Since its now and then and no real pattern. I would go with the limp wristing . This is one reason I keep all my self defence practice to 50 rounds. I feel after that mind wander and possible of limp wrist increase. Now you can fun shoot all you want but serious practice shuld be 1st and limited in number. Remember practice 1 hand shooting point shooting and weak hand shooting also need practice . On these start target close under 10' and move back as you improve.
  5. Squelchtone

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    That's some good advice man, I will follow this next time out at the range.

    Thank you!
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