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Thunder 380 now in the house.

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We just got back from getting the wife's Thunder 380. We also picked up a box of Remington UMC ball, and Blazer Brass ball. I trust these run ok with the Thunder 380? I should have checked in prior, but they gave us a little discount on the spot seeing how we also bought the pistol.

While there I also picked up a SCCY 9mm (Gen. 2) for myself. I was going to get a Thunder 380 as well but my wife's was their last one. But, they gave me a good deal on the SCCY so I went with it :)

Today was a great day to celebrate Gun Appreciation Day for us.
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Congrats! Its always a great day when you bring home a new gun. I can't wait to bring home a few more that I've been dying to buy.
Good choice...congrats !!
Thanks, guys. Any ammo choices we should avoid with the Thunder?
Your BT380 should do well with the ammo you got. My BT380 didn't do well with Sellier & Bellot.

The February issue of Guns & Ammo Magazine just did a nice article on the SCCY 9MM. After reading it you will be happy with your new gun.
Thanks for the ammo tip, qwiksdraw - and for the tip in G&A Magazine. I'll have to get the February issue :cool:
Congrats on the new gun. I have had several of the .380s and they have fed just about anything I put in them so far.
Thanks, Pancho! Good to know what we have should feed fine. I really like the PMC Bronze for target practice and it can be had for low $$ around here.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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