Thunder 380 9 shot mag w/ extension

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  1. Hey Folks -
    So I ordered a Bersa 9-shot clip w/ the extension.
    Below you'll see the standard 7 or 8 clip size
    compared to the 9 w/ the extension.[​IMG]

    And heres my 380 Thunder w/ Crimson Sights
    with the larger magazine and extension.

    It makes a HUGE difference in the GRIP of the gun.
    Range time today confirmed it. I ordered 2 more.
    This is my CC.
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    Seemed to have missed an introduction on you, but welcome to the forum from the NE corner of Harris County in Texas and to a legion of BT-380 fans. Give us a heads up on yourself. I use that configuration myself as my primary EDC. I also carry concealed, but do so OWB and always use an open shirt for concealment. The discovery of the 9rd Dlx mag was the make of the make or break on keeping and my first BT380. I had started the process of LGS shopping to trade in my BT380 due to the short grip and my acknowledged problem of having broad hands when I stumbled on the the DLX mags. I now have two BT380s, the original matte black and a used Nickel Version that I keep under my pillow at night. Over the last 3-4 years I have acquired twelve of the DLX mags. I keep one in the pillow gun, carry 3 for EDC and keep the rest loaded with target grade FMJs so when I go to the range, I can go through one box of ammo without having to reload mags. After I got up to six of them, I finally gave the 7 rounders to another BT380 user. Just a heads up on terminology, Its a magazine or mag instead of a clip.
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    Very nice set up and thanks for posting pics! I need to get a few of those mags for mine if I ever start carrying it. Wife keeps talking about taking it over so haven't ordered any of them yet since I have 5 or 6 of the BT mags. I love the BT and it's a great little shooter but my carry rotation right now doesn't include it.

    My primary carry is the Bersa BP9, Charter .38 revolver and my UC9 but think my FNS9 will replace the UC9 in the rotation for winter, few more rounds than the UC and little lighter since it's a polymer gun.
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    Ya' know that plastic gets brittle in the cold.
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  5. Thank you - quick question - What your OWB set up? - Dave
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    Note, I have since gone back to heavy leather belts due to the sag, and I use is UBG Bonneville holsters for both my my BT380 and my 9UCs. I now also have slightly modified the suspenders and now clamp the front ones to the belt itself to gain far better support and less sag.
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  7. I have a similar leather holsters for the Bersa and my Walther P22.
    I just ordered Alien Gear's IWB 3.0 for the Bersa.
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    Thanks for the pics. They helped me to decide to order one.
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    As a lover of Bersa, with a Bersa Thunder 380 Plus, Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm UC and a Bersa TPR9 on layaway. My question is that if I order any of the BT380s, the DLX 9 Shot magazines will work? Are they available and are they expensive?