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Here in the thick of the pandemic finding a fairly priced Bersa is hard.
I was able to get a blued gun with gold accents from a small shop in Iowa.
Reading up on the .22, some writers said to make sure to clean the factory grease before shooting and to lube the gun well
Some Rem oil and various ammo and off to the range we went.

CCI Mini-mags solids functioned great and grouped well. Same with Federal High velocity copper-washed hp. Remington lead target ammo had a lot of failures to eject and feed. Remington Yellow jackets were also a no-go.
Until everything went nuts the CCI were common in the local Walmart.

The gun ate what Bersa said it would eat and I am fine with that. If it goes to the woods with me it will be used to pop a snake or finish off an animal and low speed target loads aren't much good for that out of a pistol.
The gold finish on the hammer face is peeling after about 100 rounds but no big deal.
The double and single action are good and I expect with more use they will improve.
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