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Thoughts and prayers really needed now!

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Our own administrator's (glock26USMC) police dog "Tyson" has fallen ill, and is now at the veterinarian hospital in critical condition. Please say a prayer for one of our own 4 legged heroes!
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Thank you Havasu. I really appreciate the prayers and support

I'll keep you all updated
Tyson did okay through the night, however he is still constantly vomiting. He is going to have a ultrasound, and hopefully that will shed some light as to what is going on.

I'm heading there in a few to visit him, hopefully I know more when I'm there
Doctor just called, ultrasound shows a lot of fluid, and looks like his intestines are inflamed, which makes them think there is a obstruction, surgery is needed to see, due to all the fluid, if there isn't an obstruction then they would have to investigate to see if something is wrong with his intestines.

I have a feeling, his duty days are over
Surgeon just called, Ty had a mass in his stomach which was blocking his intestines. It was removed, and the surgeon will check to make sure no damage to intestines.

He said if Ty pulls through like a rock star, eating and drinking, he will be good to go tomorrow evening
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