There's no need to own a weapon,

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    I carry a firearm because a cop is too heavy...!!

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    I respect LEO's very much, but you can't be everywhere to protect me.

    That's why I'm armed.
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    I have posted this many times many places & it is still true.;)

    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!
    This is why I conceal & carry.:cool:

    The article says they ordered an internal investigation to find out what actions the responding officers took.
    It don't sound like they took any action what so ever, so what is there to investigate?
    The woman is dead, talk about locking the barn door after the horse is gone. They should have investigated when the husband was “dragging her off the porch."
    I sorry but if some one is banging on my door at 2am. no one will come up and drag them off the porch, not without me finding out what is going on first.
    I hope this won't stir up to much S#!T but I think the neighbor is just as much to blame as the husband is in this case.IMHO
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    The article doesn't specify much about the neighbor, for all we know the neighbor is a 90 year old women who lives alone or on chemo, etc.

    We certainly live in a society now that would rather video tape a beating, rape, or robbery than they would get involved, but without knowing more about the neighbor it's hard to say that's the case here.

    Regardless, if it went down the way the article reports than at least one officer needs to find a new career at a minimum.