The wife supprised me

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  1. levelcross

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    While out Christmas shopping the other night, the wife started fidgeting with her gun, a .380 CC in a Remora holster. I leaned in and asked her what was wrong and she said she had just took the safety off as there was a group of guys two cars over that looked up to no good.

    I was so proud of her for being aware of what was going on in the parking lot to notice these guys. I just laughed and told her I already had drawn my 1911 and it was in my coat pocket with my thumb on the safety...just in case. Luckily they were just trying to impress each other by being punks with loud mouths.

    I guess she is paying attention to the practice drills we run after all. Now she wants to take the tactical shooting course a local CCW instructor is having soon.:D
  2. hilandr

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    She sounds like a "keeper"!

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Good for her...and You !!
  4. 9UC

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    Very good!
  5. levelcross

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    She is...but truth be told I am TOO OLD to train a new one LOL.
  6. BersaOwner

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    It never hurts to teach your self to be alert to situations that could be a threat. Just keep thinking what could happen!
    I have found that a lot of women (in large city's) are already alert to these type situations like no parking next to vans or large cars that they could easily be pulled onto, or only carry a small pocket sized purse or no purse at all. This leaves their hands free to fight or reach for their CCW.
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    Wish my partner is like ur wife.. She's a medical doctor and usually Guns and Physicians dont mix. :)