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After watching a number of the take down videos I decided to replace my broken safety on my Thunder .380. The following photos took longer to upload than did replacing the safety. This was my first foray into any kind of technical gun repair. While this was an extremely minor task for some of you, it did give me the heebie jeebies a bit.

Overall this was a very smooth operation. Punch out the pin. Watch for the spring that will shoot out. Watch the catch on the side that will fall out. Turn the safety a couple of times. TADA!!! It was out and I simply reversed the procedure and all was well. Did a bunch of tests with the safety to ensure I had it back together properly. I will take her to the range again soon to double check that I got it all right. But, everything seems to be in order at this point.

Broken safety

Things came apart real easy.

New and broken parts side-by-side.


Again, thanks for all of the confidence building information you all have provided.
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