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Teacher Training for Handgun's

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MSHC is offering a handgun training program just for teachers and school administrators...this class normally costs $50 but is offered FREE to teachers of Middlesex, Gloucester, Mathews or Lancaster. If you are interested in taking the class or have questions, contact Macey White [email protected]
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If you ask “why would teachers need training with guns” you must not have been watching the news or reading various articles that have been in the news for the last month or so. It basically comes down to this situation; all of the past mass shootings have been at gun free zones, schools included. The one in Aurora was a prime example, the shooter went to the one and only movie theatre that was a gun free zone, he by passed three other theaters that were closer to his home and went specifically to that theater that was a gun free zone.

You’ve got to ask yourself this question; where would I feelsafer from a deranged madman bent on doing harm to you, a school where there isno one there to deter this mad man and he proceeds to kill school children without and resistance or a school where either a teacher or a security person is there to resist this mad man before he can do harm to the students?

I myself would rather have a means to protect myself rather than just laying down and pleading for my life and that of my students.

Over the past month or so more and more, both schools and teachers all over the country are requesting both formal training concerning firearm training to obtain a concealed carry permit and obtain an armed security presence at the schools.

Granted it’s not what we grew up with, but as we both know times a quite different these days. Do you want to be a victim or a person whocan at least try to defend yourself and the people around you?
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