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Taurus pt 22 verses Taurus 709 9mm

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I have been doing some homework on the pt 22 Taurus. Not getting a lot of good feedback on these handguns, especially if they are NIB. However after complaints are addressed these guns are good. For another 100.00 I can purchase a Taurus 709 in 9mm 45,or 40s&w Research I am reading is pretty good. Does anyone out there in Bersaland own one of these 709's ???And if so can I get some feedback... Thanks.
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After a short thought process I have scrapped the Taurus purchase altogether and have decided to buy another thunder 380. And why not. It's a great little hand gun at a very good price. And I already have one. My wife says she will not ever carry a gun even if it is legal to do so. But she has shot my Bersa and she loves it. I may just buy it for her.
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