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Just in case some of you own a Taurus...


The Taurus are coming! The Taurus are coming!

We have ordered a few Taurus firearms and will be adding them to our list shortly. If you order a holster for one of these models before December 1st you will receive the Pre-Order discount that will include:

Free shipping!
Free dye option!
Free cut option!

The Taurus models that will be available to are:

24/7 Full size GEN 2
24/7 Compact GEN 2
Model 809 Compact
Model 840 Compact
Model 22
Model 25
Model 22 PLY
Model 25 PLY

Some of these we will make a limited run of holsters for and others we will keep in our permanent list of holsters. We will decide which ones we keep based on the number of requests for each holster.
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