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Swinging targets

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Afternoon Boys,
I figured out how I wanted my swinging targets setup.
This is what they look like from 21'. I'll be able to use my wrist next weekend so that gives SPRING time to warm up a lil and get rid of the snow that's comin the next two days. (strange spring this year) I will have the grass cut by then so I can find the brass. I am lookin forward to firing my weapon again as I haven't fired it since the 2nd week of December. I could fire my weapon one handed, but I couldn't clean it one handed. I wonder if I can still acquire the target as good as I used to when I was shootin 2 times a week for the year.
I called the ammo shop today and asked how the availably for primers and powder was. After he stopped laughing we talked about it. Seem like he can only get 2000 primers in at a time and he has no Titegroup powder, he don't even have any caps for my smoke pole. I need 2000 primers with the pound of powder. With that set up I'll still have a lil powder left over for the next run. Thanks to me breakin my wrist the first time and then the VA breakin it the second I still have round 1100 rounds left from my last run. I will fire the rounds off till I get down to 300 rounds, those are in the gun cabinet for emergency use only.
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Mornin Boys, thanks for the response.
Nice! Wish I could do that in my backyard.
I wish I could do that as well. I have the perfect yard, but I live smack int eh middle of the city. I'd be in cuffs in minutes!
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