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Swapped for, Ruger 3 Screw .357 Black Hawk

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This one was a surprise swap. Guy and his wife came by the table and were looking at a used Taurus 40 cal auto I had. Guy said he had to have it cause his buddy had one and it worked great. Whatever!!!!!:D

Wife had a Cobra .380 that she would swap on it and give me cash boot diggerence. Told her the Corbra was not worth the 150 she had give for it. and it was pink with white plastic grips. More $ needed.

Guy reached under his shirt and pulled out this Ruger SA .357 mag, 6.5" barrel in near excellent shape. He said his dad had given it to him, but he wanted an auto. His dad had hardly ever fired it. It looked about 99%. Didn't even have a drag mark on the cylinder. Then I notied the screws in the frame. and that it was an old model without the factory safety conversion.

I'M A SUCKER FOR A RUGER. He wanted to just swap even. I probably would have swapped if it had beena new model anyway. But, i could not pass it up. Used Taurus autos are all over the show. I would not make the swap fast enough.:D

Hey SHOOTER, ya got a vintage date on this one? i'm too lazy to look it up. The Ser. # is 31-049XX. It's not a flat top, so I'm thinking 60s or early 70s.

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Got to shoot this one yesterday with some Rem 125 gr. mags. Gun was shooting real low, like 4" on the pie plate target. Noticed the screw on the elevation had been left in the lowest position, like it had never been touched, or adjusted. Probably so, the way the gun looks. Anyway, I cranked it up a few clicks and it was in the ball park. It just went from there to storage. Proably won't shoot it much at all. It is just for looking at.
Got a manut. date on this one SHOOTER? Serial # is in my first post. Have to go to the Ruger Talk forum for info on it and maybe even the other forums.
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