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    This is a difficult time here in these United States.
    It appears what once was considered bad is now considered good and what once was considered good is now considered bad.
    We had a fight to end racism back in the 60's and then in the last 10 years we had a president that promoted racism.
    We have those that constantly push, shove, and fight for what they feel is right yet they do so with out having facts to back up their opinion and then refuse to hear facts from those suggesting they might be wrong.
    I remember growing up in the 60's and 70's and many people did not lock either cars or houses.
    Now, someone runs into the store for a coffee and they feel they always have to lock their cars.

    Do to such issues in the world today our Second Amendment Rights could be diminished or even taken away.
    Fight now to retain what we have and was so important to our Founding Fathers that they made it the second amendment just behind freedom of speech.

    I strongly suggest each of us give financially to the NRA, the SAF, and GOA to help them battle the left who appears to want to remove all potential resistance from them controlling every part of our lives.

    National Rifle Association

    Second Amendment Foundation

    Gun Owners of America

    Here is a good article by someone who recently joined the NRA after never considering it before.

    This is just an encouragement to maybe redirect some of your ammo funds to some good and worthy firearms related organizations.

    And, not wanting to be someone that just "Talks the talk" and does not "Walk the walk", my wife and I became life members in each of those organizations.

    I would have loved to pay off a bill or buy a new gun with those funds!

    But I felt something worth while costs money to keep!

    God bless!!


    For the love of Christ controls us, having concluded this, that one died for all, therefore all died; and He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf. 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 NASB
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    Thanks for posting this hopefully some members will find it helpful
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    My wife just texted how her counterpart in Singapore walked off the job yesterday due to extreme pressure at work.

    We can see all the pressure put on politicians and reliable conservative thinkers that understand gun restrictions open this country up to more severe issues.

    We cannot be there in person but we can financially support those organizations.
    There may be others I am not aware of or not thinking of.
    Tom mentioned several he was looking at to support in his region of Ohio.
    The three I mentioned are not the only ones to consider.
    Even buying memberships to your local gun clubs is supporting firearms and shooting sports.

    Also, consider Friends of the NRA banquets held around the country.
    Good food, good fellowship, and a good cause.

    I encourage all of our Bersa brothers and sisters to post their local clubs as Tom did because that might bring to mind something similar in your area.

    It is a shame that politicians are considering adding more gun restrictions due to over reacting by a group of people who are not old enough to drive, vote, drink alcohol, or defend our country.
    They have never yet had to bear up to the pressures of raising a family, maintaining a job, securing and financing a home, or saving for retirement when your job barely pays enough to live at the present.

    I strongly encourage each to give as they are able without compromising existing bills they each may face.

    Prayers are very good as well!!

    God bless!!

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    Couldn't agree more Rev! It's no secret that I'm a long standing member of the NRA as well as the Police Association of South Jersey, indoor shooting range.

    Whatever it takes to keep and maintain our freedoms!
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    I wanted to share a little more.

    Within a week or two of joining the Second Amendment Foundation, they sent each of us an envelope with a beautiful framed certificate of our being life members.
    Also included were other little goodies including a nice belt buckle and a small card indicating we are life time members.

    About a month or more after joining the Gun Owners of America they also sent a certificate (unframed) along with a nice life time membership card (along with other small goodies.)
    They also included a nice book of 14 essays on second amendment teachings.
    Just started it last night.
    They all indicate the true meaning of our 2A rights.
    And it is not for hunting purposes.

    My wife and I attended a dual birthday party this past Saturday for a husband and wife couple that are both turning 60 this year.
    What I did not learn (Remember? Meaning told earlier and forgot?) until my wife reminded me a day ago is that, even though this couple are both avid hunters, they both feel there is no need for average citizens to have AR style long guns!

    Now first lets call them what they are, MSRs (modern sporting rifles).
    An "AR" is short for the manufacturer that created MSR style guns for the military.

    The Second Amendment is not in place to protect our hunting rights.
    Not even truly our personal defense rights.
    But our rights to arm ourselves in the event our government goes off the deep end and tries to become a dictatorship.
    And if our military turns and obeys .gov's orders to shoot at civilians should they resist turning in their guns, we will need similar firepower to protect that right and ourselves.
    Most people, even a lot of firearms owners, do not think how out manned we would be if the police and military turned on us with all the major offensive and defensive firepower they possess.
    MSR's are not only for fun times at the range and/or for hunting in states that allow it, but for our own possible self protection in the event our government orders gun confiscation.

    The Second Amendment protects all the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights!

    I just wanted to remind everyone how the big three firearms organizations (NRA, SAF, and GOA) are out there everyday watching what is being done and trying to be done and mounting an attack for us.
    And they need financial support to keep up the fight for us.

    Lifetime donations: NRA = $1000, GOA = $500, SAF = $150.

    And no, I am not being paid by any to write this!!!

    God bless!!

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