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Stone Mountain, Ga. here

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My name is Patrick, a newbie to this board, but have owned some kind of a gun or another ever since teen years, especially HS, 46 years ago. Got my first 22 when I was 13, in 1962. I currently live in Stone Mountain, Ga., just east of Metro Atlanta.

Still have a Savage ss bolt action .22 rifle that I had as a kid. Back in the 1950's and 1960's we would collect tubes from all the local TV / radio repair shops. Then we would go to a remote bridge over a remote river, someone would drop tubes into the water on the upstream side of the bridge, we would pick them off as they drifted downstream under us. Maybe not so PC now, but was a lot fun back in those days. Dad always supervised, kept things safe, taught us the right way to handle a firearm.

Also used to go to junkyard and shoot rats. Quickly learned not to shoot at an old tire without air, they shoot

Later on, did a lot of shooting at HS and College ROTC indoor ranges, back when they allowed live ammo. Nowadays I believe they use pellet guns and the like.

1980's I loved to shoot skeet, have a Mossberg 500 12ga pump that I was better than average with.

I did some range shooting with a friend, used my old Beretta, or borrowed from a friend, but all he had were Llama / Star type 9mm's. Too many jams and stovepipes for my tastes.

Not long ago I bought a Walther P22 for a plinker, maybe something my wife could handle, nice little gun for what it is.

I am currently looking for a carry gun for myself, have narrowed down to 9mm (shells cost less than .380). I want to CC, and because of physical requirements I have to carry shoulder, with gun under left arm.

If I were to buy a Glock it would be a G26 Gen3, but not real comfortable without a manual safety, and I like a hammer. Also looking at Walther,
and open to whatever Bersa has to offer.

Hope to learn a lot here...
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum Patrick !!
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