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    I hope every one has a good supply of ammo. As you all know the election in November will determine if we get to keep our guns and ammo. If BO gets re elected you will not be able to buy any bulk ammo as the anti gun libs are gonna go after it by making it hard to buy ammo. They have already tried to stop on line ammo sales and want to limit you to only 1 box a sale and you will have to show ID and give reason for buying it. More than a box a month and they want you on a watch list. Stock up now just in case.

    I would suggest you lay in at least 500 rds. for each hand gun you own, 1K-2K in 22 ammo, Wal-Mart is selling 1600 rds of CCI in a can for $98.00 right now, very cheap, at least 1K mim. for your AR, AK, SKS or what ever rifle you own and 500 rds. for your hunting rifle.

    If you reload lay up primers and bullets and power as they will go after that. Pick up your brass and any you find at the range. If you cast your own get lead. You can never have to much lead laying around. :)

    Never hurts to be prepared for what ever is coming.
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    From what I've read the Feds are also buying up ammo in bulk so we are competing for limited ammo reserves with the Federal Government.

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    I have a little less than 500 7.62 for my Mosin but I don't have a local big bulk provider for ammo. Do you order yours online?
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    Way ahead of that curve...but a good point to be remembered BT !
  5. BT380

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    Depends on what your buying, I just got 420 rounds of Federal 5.56 XM193 55 gr. FMJ from Wal-Mart in a 30 cal. metal storage can for $159, thats $318 a 1k, can't buy it for less on line. They also carry XM855 62 gr. w/steel penetrator for $169 per 420 rds. I shop local as much as I can, I do not to order ammo on line as it can be tracked and I pay cash every where else.
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    Remember...if gun rights supporters control the House and Senate then the president becomes nothing more then a bobble head
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    I have an AK and SKS, so that means 1k a piece right along with 1k for AR already have 3k 22lr a couple of hundred of 22 mag 300 9mm 300 of 45acp 200 380acp 100 of 30-30, Win some 12 and 20 gauge shotshells.
  8. BT380

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    How would that stop him? He has executive order privilege and he will use it just as he has for the last few years. The congress and senate are a bunch of cowards and won't stop him.
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    Your vote will stop him!;)

    I plan on stocking up this weekend at a gun show I will be buying by the case.
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    Brownells has the same deal (on XM855 in can), only no tax, and free shipping with the code DSR