Sporterize the Mosin Nagant rifle

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by hotshott, Mar 1, 2013.

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    After a very long and drawn out thought process, And the fact that cosmoline is still weeping out of the original stock, I have decided to rebuild my Mosin rifle. For the cost of about $270 and up I can come out of this with a very nice looking and performing rifle. My machine skills are plenty good enough to properly fit barrel to stock and have it actually look pretty good. The stock being an ATI Monte Carlo composite. If anyone can steer me towards a direct fit stock I would not be opposed to buying one. Even the wooden stocks need to be machined lightly for proper fittment. Aftermarket scope fits in place of the original elevation ramp and eliminates cutting off and replacing the bolt. Add a Bi-pod and I am pretty much set. I would most certanly have my gunsmith give it a once over for safety purposes. The fact remains that if in any way I mess this up I can buy another Mosin rifle for cheap which I may do anyway. Cabelas has 91/30s for 139. clean and ready to fire. NO COSMO. I will post some pics along the way.
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    Boyds stocks sell wood stocks for your Mosin. Go to for more info.

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