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Spent caseing

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I made contact with the manufacture of the Bersa 45 that I have recently purchased. There was a spent shell in a small brown envelope and I had never seen this before so I sent out an email. The reply was every gun is test fired at the factory and that shell is sent with the gun. Most states require ie. so now I know.
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Yes, this is true. My wife's recently purchased Thunder 380 came with one, and my recently purchased SCCY CPX-2 also came with one. Many of the other firearm manufacturers are doing this as well. It lets you see where the firing pin is hitting on the primer, which is a good thing to see.
Many manufacturers do this now...Glock for example.
So does that mean you are buying a USED gun?

just kidding!
In the manual for my new ruger it said that all new guns were required to be shipped with a spent shell. Proves it has been fired, and in some states, the dealer is required to submit that shell to local law enforcement.

My bersa also had one, but no explanation.
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