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Sold my Thunder 380 Plus!

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But not to panic, it was for a worthy cause...My Thunder 380 Combat! Took a lot of personal back and fourth but I decided to stick with an idea I came up with a very long time ago, I have no use for multiple weapons in the same caliber and the Combat was more in the way of the weapon I wanted. Picked it up at Academy last night while getting a scope put on my 444s...needless to say it was an expensive day lol.

Anyway, here is a crappy pic of it. Ignore the mar on the grip screw, my bit broke when taking the screw lose. It's first cleaning happened after this pic.

Put 150 rounds down today and like normal for the Thunder 380, all went well. I even let the guy and his wife on the line next to me shoot it! He had 3-4 pistols with him trying to find a good CC weapon for her, she either hated the recoil or size of them all. One round out of my Combat and all she said was "That's perfect!" As I left they were at the counter placing an order for a Thunder 380 lol.
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Hope you enjoy your Combat. I have the BT .380 but carry it with the MecGar 8 round mag so it's sort of like a Combat. The MecGar proved more reliable with my carry round then the Bersa 7 rd mag did.
Congrats on your new Combat! Mine is almost a year old and still shoots flawlessly. It is a great little shooter, and perfect for conceal carry.....:D
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