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Well, it wasn't an easy one. I had to ?work" the previous owner. Guy I know had bought it over and wanted to sell it along with an NRA Commemorative Model 94 Winchester .30-30. He was spot on 5 bills on the Winny and I won't pay book value, even though it was unfired. I made my offer of 3 and he said he had others looking at it this week. He will probably get it.

The other gun was the H&R "Forty Niner." Problem was it was missing the cylinder pin, grips, grips screws and the acton was hanging up. Trigger did not return either. He wanted 125, which was not bad, if it was working and complete. Told him all he had was 20 bucks of of a non working parts gun. He swore he could find the rest of it at home. He had left it wet after a rain last year when he went hunting. He tried to stip the gun a few months ago and gave up.

Told him if I could get the action working and he cold find the cylinder pin, I would give him 75 bucks and 25 more if he could dig up the grips and screws. So we ent to his house after I got the acitoin oiled and working. Dug the pin up inhis underwear drawer and the grip and screws in his gun cabinet. Assembled it and it locked up tight. Bore was great. Finish was o.k. on the barrel and cylinder, but the color case hardened finish on the frame was dulled from bad storage. Took it home and it went bang, so he got a hundred for it. ThaT WORKED FOR ME!

A pic of it with a holster that I already had. Perfect fit. Range report later.

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