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Smith and wesson m&p 15-22

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Thinken of getting one any input on them
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I've heard stories of them being hit and miss. There seem to be more people who are thrilled with theirs compared to the people who got a POS plinker in their MP15-22 though.

If you have an AR15 already I would go with a dedicated 22lr upper rather than a 22lr AR that is not really an AR, personal opinion of course, and YMMV.
I've heard the same hit and misss stories on the gun. Alot to spend for a .22 IMO. But if ya got it, go for it.
I haven't heard anything necessarily bad about them (any more than you do about anything else), but I kind of feel that if you're gonna spend that kind of money on an AR clone you may as well save a bit more $$ and get an actual AR. That being said, .22lr is very cheap to shoot, and if you're just looking for something to plink with and have a good time (not looking for defense) it'd be an excellent choice, and getting a full AR platform wouldn't be necessary. If I were making that decision it would probably boil down to exactly what I'm gonna use it for. If I'm just gonna take it out shooting and not use it for defense, it's not a bad choice. It's a bit on the high side for price, but if you plan on doing a lot of shooting, the savings in ammo will more than make up for that since 2100 rounds of .22lr can easily be had for under $100. If you want to use it for defense, however, I would seriously consider getting an AR in the .223 platform. I wouldn't be overly concerned about using .22lr for personal defense in a pinch (it can still very easily be lethal) but it wouldn't be my first choice.
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Welcome to the Bersa Forum tommygun !!

Also heard hit and miss reviews on the S&W...

Other options could be a Umarex Colt M4 or a Mossberg 715T...
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